NADAC day ..lots of running for kaley corgi..11 years old

I have not RUN  in any agility trial for months but this one came up as one mom and I could not miss out on.  It was at Dripping Springs in a new facility and only about an hours drive from our place in Austin, TX.

First run of the day was tunnels and I had great start line stays and followed mom perfectly, but just old girl corgi slow.  I am an 11 years old and I have to run as a veteran dog, I’m not sure why since I’ve never served in the military.  Since mom wants me to  jump 8 inches and not four, I have to run the other  obstacle courses as a 12 inch dog.  Mom thinks their time is faster than an 8 inch dog so for sure I was to forfeit the number of extra seconds I needed.

I run for fun and only in novice in NADAC so all is good for mom and me.

I followed mom to get all the tunnels in order, just a bit slow, but did get a 4th place ribbon for placing, just not good enough to qualify

Wow, a first place, for placing, but did not qualify with a good enough fast  time.

I placed again with a second place but did not qualify with a good enough score.


I was one tired puppy at end of day, but I ran like a good agility pup would and still enjoy it.

Kaley corgi kisses !!!

ps, for those not caught up with news in this house hold, there is a new pup, a cardigan,  a lil guy with a tail.  We get along and I am getting used to him now…He is a bit bouncy but he is okay!  Stay tune to news about his life and times too. 


How to raise a puppy

The new pup came to this household to join my humans and me,  January 18 2014.  He was just 9 weeks old!  He was born  November 14 or something like that [mom has to get his AKC papers and she forgot his  whelp date] .  He was born in New Mexico.  Mom was really searching for a new pup to start training in agility.   She considers me… a pup getting older.

She thought nice to find a Cardigan Welsh Corgi instead of the cute lil Pembroke Welsh that I am!  She wanted  the corgi with the tail!

So off to meet someone in Ft. Worth Texas, we drove for about three hours to meet up with someone for the puppy hand off!

The puppy is called Wally or Wall-E or Wallerino Wall Wall or Wallerino Wah Wah or Wallers.  He seems to come to it all or can equally ignore them all.



January 18 2014..  one lil sad eyed droopy ear pup!  He came as Impy, or Mr Impers man, because he has a lil white spot on his head, as if kissed by the fairies.  He is a corgi and that is special!



Yes, this is me, the Kaley corgi pup… and now I have to start training this new pup for ways of the house.  He seems to listen to me rather well!   For the first few days, I would bark so he would not come down the hall way to the family bedroom.  Mom here thought that was so very wrong of me!   She let him come into the bedroom to sleep with all of us.  For the first few times she had to coax him with  a  doggie treat but now he knows the way around.  I relented.


First two nights the puppy was such a big hit with the human kid, who is only 6 years old.  He requested to sleep by the crate.


Belly view, notice his lil tatoo fur heart!


This is his bottom end view… notice the silly long thing…that is his tail.   I do not have one!  Not sure what the big deal is to get  a corgi with a tail!   It only flops around and wiggles.


The pup kid now sleeps in the human stroller.  He is not good with the crate and since it is broken…he has pawed his way out twice!  Strong and determined pup.  Mom is going to have to teach him some house rules!


One of the ways and rule of this house is… dirty pups allowed.  He is going to have to get used to  occasional baths which include  fur cuts and nail trims!


Another rule of the house is. No pup gets to go outside unless an adult says  you can!  Another rule is no  pup out of the house without a leash….. and  ONLY one  pup out of the house in the front at a time!

He is learning the command, “COME Wall-E” and  he immediately gets a cookie.  He likes that very much. It is a good thing to train him all the basics and basics are to come when called.  I had the hardest time learning this because mom gave me too much freedom and it made for who I am today.  Mom says the rules are going to be solidify early….or so she says!  After all, he is a corgi and  who knows what kind of attitude he will have.  LOL.

Another important thing around here is….no pup is allowed to go bathroom inside the house!  She takes him out almost every hour and limits his free run around in the house.  After eating he goes out after about half an hour to go poo.  He learned this quickly and he goes on the grass, but if mom forgets, he will go poo inside.  She uses the command, “GO POO”  and of course he gets his nice lil puppy cookie treat. 


There is lots of X pen time for the pup, but it is a good thing it is stock with pup toys and a kid!

From the very beginning he has been a very quiet  pup inside the house, but every time he is out in the front yard and sees a pup or human walk by on foot or bike, he barks.  Mom thinks he is only being a very good watch dog but she is teaching him to stop barking when she says so.  Pup is very friendly and has met a few lil kids and adults and so far he likes them all.  I do not mind adults, but I am not so friendly with other pups or kids.  Poor socializing when I was young.  Mom is not making the same mistake with this new pup.

This pup seems to be working out okay. Loves  to only be with mom or the kid.  Just wait til he gets to be 30 pounds and   not fit on mom’s chair and too heavy for anyone to pick up and hold like a baby! 

Mom is going to try to get him to learn the fetch the ball routine. So far he is not doing much fetching! He just does a lot of chewing and even if they are tiny teeth, they are dangerous!

Kaley corgi kisses!!!  

Basics you need to know, on how to raise a puppy

how to raise a puppy

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What do you do with floppy corgi ears?

What does one do with floppy puppy corgi ears? Tape them!   The new  pup came at about nine weeks of age and his ears were floppy and bent over.  The human mom here decided it was due time to get them up!  She never had to tape my ears because not  only did I come at 12 weeks, my ears are rather short so stood  up quickly.


Here is me, kaley corgi, back when I was  a young pup. 2002



This is the pup when he came home…a sad looking chap,  huh?   Ears down!  9 weeks old!  Mom thinks he is a cute puppy!  Don’t know why.


January 27th, this  happened!  A major tape job and of all things,  his ear tape  ended  up with graffiti.


The kid here does not seem to mind the ear taping business.  He actually had to have it done twice.  One side sort of got unstuck and he ended up with only one taped ear.  Week later he had it redone.

Mom had not much clue how to tape ears so she searched the internet.  It really is not difficult.  Here is what she did…..

  • Get masking tape [all she had was .75 inch width]
  • Cut 32 pieces about width of pups ears with one inch extra  to leave to over hang on each side of ear, so you can cut it evenly when done.


  • Use 4 pieces and slightly over lap edge  of each piece by .25 inch on to the next piece of tape, until all 4 are used.
  • Do this again for 4 more pieces and  this makes up the support for front ear.  This will make for double tape thickness when you put on top of first 4 pieces.
  • Do this again, twice, for support  for the back of ear.
  • Do this again for the other  front and back of other pup’s ear.
  • Press gently but firmly over the front ear,  the tape leaving some extra on both left and right side so that the tape  you put in back will stick to tape on front.
  • Press gently and firmly tape to back of ear you started with  some tape extending  off both sides of pups ear
  • You will have unfinished edges on the sides where you will just cut it  evenly to make for neat appearance.

Tape can be left on for a few days and checked and redone as necessary.  Do not be discouraged.  Sometimes it takes a few times.  If there is any irritation or discomfort to pup,  remove tape.

Lucky pup here also gets some  yogurt with his meals.  He actually is a lucky pup because he gets fed three times a day!



voila!   VOILA!   Lil Mr. Wall-e, wallerino w ahh w ahh, is getting all grown up!  He is going to have to carry his weight around here soon!!!

Kaley corgi kisses!