Nous Sommes Charlie



We may be dogs (corgis actually) but we understand Free Speech!!!

Am I a rough girl? Didn’t make the list, hmmph!

As Kaley Corgi, woman reporter, I was surfing the web for the best new dog content.  What did I find?  An article that names the Ten Most Dangerous Dog Breeds based on Biting and Fatality Statistics.  I opened the list to see where the fearsome Corgi stood and to my chagrin, we didn’t eevem make the list.

Now I certainly don’t want to kill anyone, but I do like the occasional growl and snap, but what did the Corgis get?  Bupkis (please follow the link if you’re not Yiddish-speaking such as moi).

We corgis are too mild mannered for our own good.

These guys made the list.

This is me trying to look like a Mean Girl.

kaley mean

You’ve got to admit, it’s meaner looking than my step-brother Wall-e.

Here’s his attempt at a mean face.  Downright embarrassing!!!



If you want to peruse the list — have at it.

Corgi hat tip to the folks at

Me and Pets

Call me silly or call me Kaley,  I’ve never been a big fan of the concept of “pets” and especially my being one.   I admired the ape Caesar in the “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”, when while being led by a collar and a leash by his supposed human (I say supposed since it was James Franco), he sees a dog being led by a leash and a collar and asks his human with disdain, “Am I a pet?”.

I feel that way, in spades.  I am an intelligent companion to my humans.  Treating dogs as pets leads to the type of behavior that happened here this morning.

Photo  2

That horror is my step-brother Wall-e dressed as a taco.  I, too, was made to wear the  humiliating costume of an alligator.  True to my costume I tried to bite mom for the outrage.

This where I become a hypocrite, though.  I have finally found an animal so cute that I want one for a pet.  The critter is so cute that it makes me go awwwwww, the way folks do when they see me.

It’s a geep.  That means its mama is a sheep and papa is a goat.

With its  proud mama.

So help me get a pet geep — let’s hit twitter with the hash tag #kaleyneedsageep


Kaley Corgi hat tip to Mashable for original story and video.