I am a fluffy corgi, and damn proud of it!!!!!

IMG_4988.JPGOkay, listen.....mum was walking me the other day in the park and there were these people walking by, and i did not notice them looking at me......i was frankly looking for a place to go bathroom...that is more important than showing off my cuteness. so dad who was standing near the car and heard the man say...'oh, is that the kind of dog the queen has?' the lady said, , 'yes, but i think that is a mix.' dad is very happy he has the most beautiful fluffy corgi in all of the world, (he said that to me before).......sooo, i heard him say, 'no, she is a fluffy corgi, a show fault.' that is when it struck me as ????????? A FAULT? what do you mean a fault? is it my fault i am a fluffy???? sooo does he mean i am a mistake, or not right ,or ????????? i mean, i have all my legs, and fur, and eyes and nose, and so what if i am short. lots of dogs are short, and some frankly have too much leg and no body. the point is, what is my fault??????? So now that i am thinking about fluffy corgis, what do you mean, it is a fault? i am sooo pretty, and glamorous looking and i smell nice after a nice shampoo, and i am sooooo fluffy. is that a fault? is it MY fault? so the deal is yes, i am a fluffy! it means i am not the standard for a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. and i will never be a confirmation show ring dog no matter how pretty my long fluffy coat is, and no matter how it is groomed. I frankly have too much fluff, or fur, simple as that. IMG_4350.JPGdo i care??? NO!. fluffy corgis are still all corgi, no matter the amount of fur or fluff. we just happen to sometimes need more grooming cuz our skirts get pretty long and feral looking....dad said that.....and i thought he was telling me, i was a cat. i thought cats were feral. i never knew there were feral corgis....????? anyways, when i shed, yes, there is more of me on the carpet, but at least i am only a medium dog, not a BIG dog....(just my attitude is BIG...dad told me that too!) so now that we have that settled, we are all fine about my being a fluffy, right???? so now the next issue is my IMG_4982-1.JPGbeing a mix.' i just wanted to say, dogs are dogs, and my mum and dad would love any dog that was sweet and good and frankly it does not matter one bit what a dog is.....NO WAY.... but, i am a corgi, 100% and gonna stay that way...and a fluffy.....and i am proud of it....and mum and dad love me just the way i am....after all, who cares about show quality???? yes, i am considered PET quality.' but, what am i every minute of the day, sleep or running around.....a pet, and I AM A QUALITY PET!!!!!!!!!! Kaley corgi kisses : ) Technorati : , , , , , , ,

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