I am a fluffy corgi, and damn proud of it!!!!!

IMG_4988.JPGOkay, listen…..mum was walking me the other day in the park and there were these people walking by, and i did not notice them looking at me……i was frankly looking for a place to go bathroom…that is more important than showing off my cuteness. so dad who was standing near the car and heard the man say…’oh, is that the kind of dog the queen has?’ the lady said, , ‘yes, but i think that is a mix.’ dad is very happy he has the most beautiful fluffy corgi in all of the world, (he said that to me before)…….sooo, i heard him say, ‘no, she is a fluffy corgi, a show fault.’

that is when it struck me as ????????? A FAULT? what do you mean a fault? is it my fault i am a fluffy???? sooo does he mean i am a mistake, or not right ,or ????????? i mean, i have all my legs, and fur, and eyes and nose, and so what if i am short. lots of dogs are short, and some frankly have too much leg and no body. the point is, what is my fault???????

So now that i am thinking about fluffy corgis, what do you mean, it is a fault? i am sooo pretty, and glamorous looking and i smell nice after a nice shampoo, and i am sooooo fluffy. is that a fault? is it MY fault?

so the deal is yes, i am a fluffy! it means i am not the standard for a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. and i will never be a confirmation show ring dog no matter how pretty my long fluffy coat is, and no matter how it is groomed. I frankly have too much fluff, or fur, simple as that.

IMG_4350.JPGdo i care??? NO!. fluffy corgis are still all corgi, no matter the amount of fur or fluff. we just happen to sometimes need more grooming cuz our skirts get pretty long and feral looking….dad said that…..and i thought he was telling me, i was a cat. i thought cats were feral. i never knew there were feral corgis….????? anyways, when i shed, yes, there is more of me on the carpet, but at least i am only a medium dog, not a BIG dog….(just my attitude is BIG…dad told me that too!)

so now that we have that settled, we are all fine about my being a fluffy, right???? so now the next issue is my IMG_4982-1.JPGbeing a mix.’ i just wanted to say, dogs are dogs, and my mum and dad would love any dog that was sweet and good and frankly it does not matter one bit what a dog is…..NO WAY…. but, i am a corgi, 100% and gonna stay that way…and a fluffy…..and i am proud of it….and mum and dad love me just the way i am….after all, who cares about show quality???? yes, i am considered PET quality.’ but, what am i every minute of the day, sleep or running around…..a pet, and I AM A QUALITY PET!!!!!!!!!!

Kaley corgi kisses : )

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  1. She’s a beauty, she should be proud to be a fluffy!

  2. i live in whitesboro texas and i raise mini parti colored corgis…i am interested in talking to someone about raising some fluffys that are under 20 lbs and wild colors….please email me and let me know where you are located and what you do…do you breed your fluffy corigs…or how did you come by them…thanks very much cheryl doolin

  3. Glad to see your site about fluffy corgis! We love fluffy corgis and have 2 fluffy pups for sale right now if anyone is interested! Check out our website at http://www.geocities.com/sevitscorgis.

  4. Richard & Tammy says:

    We are seriously thinking of breeding fluffy’s. We have Bandit who looks like a SHeltie but is all Corgi. Even our vet a corgi person says we should breed him.

  5. Mary Slaughter says:

    I am looking for a fluffy corgi or a sheltie/corgi mix or a aussie/corgi mix.
    Does anyone know of any puupies available?

    We lost our sheltie/corgi mix about a month ago to splean cancer…it was BRUTAL! Our 11month old corgi is going crazy missing her and so are we.

    Please help!

  6. Kristy T says:

    I have 2 week old 1/2 sheltie and 1/2 corgi I have pics of puppies and mom and dad. I one sold and 2 left to sale if interested please e mail me

  7. Kristy T says:
  8. redhairsword says:

    I first saw a fluffy pembroke this year on animal planet’s Dogs 101 show about Corgis and I was BLOWN A-WAY!! I had never SEEN such a gorgeous little dog! Now, I love corgis and would give practically anything to have one, but as far as corgis went that fluffy was a cut above the rest!
    Then they immediately follow by saying that though she trains all three of her corgis and they’re very talented at any number of tricks, she’ll never be able to show her fluffy one because a fluffy coat is considered a defect.
    It broke my heart! Here was this super-model of a corgi that the AKC would treat like a cat in a dog suit precisely because of her best feature: her long, gorgeous coat of fluffy, shiny corgi fur.

    Well forget them! I would give anything to get my hands on a fluffy corgi of my very own.

  9. Linda Scott says:

    Love those Corgis!! I have a litter of Parti colored Corgis… not acceptable for show because of the white, but talk about adorable!! They have extra white… spots, streaks or double collar and sure are a stand out!! i ALSO HAVE A FEW BLUE FEMALES THAT ARE GOING TO HAVE PUPS!! Talk about making people crazy!! They are really lovely and very unusual, but the purists do not like them. I just love our Corgis and want to breed something that is different…same wonderful Corgi in an unusual colored body!!

  10. Nancy Geddes says:

    This is Heronsway Land of the Hokies here and I am a fluffy. When I parade down Duke of Gloucester Street in Colonial Williamsburg, people ask me why I look like I do! I am part of a family and my Mike and Nan tell folks that I’m the “normal” one and the other two red headed tris are just that…… Folks really don’t know that occasionally fluffies happen! Actually, we inherit the best of all traits in a litter…..We cannot be bred intentionally because recessive genes just don’t happen that way. So, Kaley, you, me and other fluffies are very, very special. By the way, I’m going herding tomorrow morning, too! Have a fabulous weekend! Corgi smoochies from Linus (Bear and Tasha, too).

  11. wendy florin says:

    Quality, caring Corgi breeders work hard on improving the breed’s comformation and temperament. Though a fluffy is adorable, it’s hair makes it less practical in the cold/wet weather and working dogs need to be rugged in all climates. For this reason, reputable corgi breeders would not sell a fluffy with AKC papers and would expect the owners to neuter it. Miniaturizing corgis is also not something that would improve the breed. Corgis are not companion dogs (though they may act that way). They are herding dogs/working dogs and need their size and stature to be effective herding dogs. Recently there’s been a trend to call corgis with luxurious/flashy collars fluffies. This is incorrect. A fluffy collar does not equal a fluffy. Many great corgi champions are blessed with a flashy/showy white collar. The New Illustrated Study of the Welsh Corgi Standard is an excellent guide to understanding Corgi qualities and attributes and also serious faults. Its recommended reading for all Corgi lovers.

  12. sandra chow says:

    love all the comments here…and yes, ME, kaley corgi a fluffy and proud of it!!!! –but sometimes i still wonder why they just cannot have a separate category for us fluffies —- hey, border collies are herding dogs and ….fluffy….and what is with this tail docking of us pems and not cardies…and some countries it is illegal to dock and they are show dogs too….

    i am sure they did not dock us cute pems cuz we got cute butts! i have seen a few undocked pems and their tails are cute!

    kaley corgi kisses : )

  13. Hi, I have been looking for a female fluffy corgi for sometime now. Do have have one or know of anyone that might have one for sale? Thanks Kathy

  14. The only time you will get a fluffy pembroke is from a litter of really good bloodlines….A.K.C want register them for breeeding maybe because of all that beautiful hair….

  15. thanks Mae… this is good to know, many people want a fluffy and ask where to get one….it is always a good idea to work with very good breeders in the first place, even if to get a pet only, non show quality, fluffy corgi…. Mum wonders what would happen if breeders decided to breed really special, pretty fluffies as a separate thing… and still have standards…. just have it fluffy!!!!!!! …. Maybe someday, AKC would allow this….??????

  16. suzzie blondal says:

    i am looking for a fluffy corgi…do you have any for sale

  17. suzzie, my humans do not sell puppies… if you are interested in finding a fluffy, my mum can help, or you can find a reputable breeder and ask them if a fluffy corgi is in their litter. They come up now and then, but breeders do not purposely breed for a fluffy. It is a very serious show fault…………….. us fluffies are just a very good, ‘pet quality’ pup for family fun…companion only !!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I love my fluffy corgi, he is a trip and so darn cute.

  19. I LOVE the fluffy corgi..
    I have been looking and looking for a puppy.. They are sooo cute ~!

  20. I don’t see how a fluffy Corgi’s longer hair makes it less practical as a working dog in cold/wet climates. Someone else already pointed out that other herders or workers have long hair and perform very well in spite of it. And what about the longer hair on Welsh PONIES?! The standard for working Welsh ponies and dogs should be the same!!!

  21. Hello there! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be ok.

    I’m undoubtedly enjoying your blog and look forward to new updates.


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