Dear Kaley, when will puppy stop having…..’accidents?’

Dear Kaley,

Our new Corgi puppy, Cricket, seems impossible to potty train! Just when we think he’s doing better, he has another accident.
Will he ever learn?

Puppy is lots of trouble!


me as a few wks old puppy…you cannot  get too mad at me if i make accidents…i am brand new!

Dear Puppy is lots of trouble,

First of all, I know your new corgi pup is a puppy, only a few weeks old!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is what being a puppy is all about, and you have to be patient….. they are like lil human babies, but you can teach now to  know what is right and wrong regarding where to go bathroom.

First of all,  your lil Cricket corgi should not be allowed to run freely in the house and  unsupervised….. just like lil human babies, they get into trouble and make a mess of things not being watched!

First of all, puppy should have a crate.  Puppies do not go bathroom in their ‘house.’  I slept in the crate when i was a pup and right when  i wake up, mum would take me out pee and poo. hehee, one time she took me out and held me with my feet up in the air, and i pee….i could not wait!  It was long ways to door so she carry me!

Since pups can not hold their pee or poo….you got to take them out frequently! When not at home, crate the pup as long as you are not out for all day long….and put the pup in a closed in area for the rest of day, like a kitchen area,  or dog pen area….and put papers down on the floor.

You can reward for going on the paper if you see them go, and slowly work the paper training out to the front door….so eventually they make it all the way  outside, and soon, no paper has to be on the floor in the house.

Right after a meal,  right before bed and right when pup gets up, take him out pee.  He will slowly learn he is to go out side and when he does……………….tell him he is the greatest lil pup ever, and give him a lil  food treat.  He will fur sure know he did the greatest thing in the world.  Take him out to the same place so he starts to recognize the ritual of going outside and going  pee/poo in the same place.  However, if you are out with the pup else where and he goes, outside, tell him he is the greatest lil pup still!

It will take some time,  and pups learn at different rates, but it is the same  way to train and eventually,  he will not give it a second thought where he is supposed to go pee.  Just remember, pups are like lil  human babies and  you have to understand they need to be taught and you have to be  patient.

Have fun with  your new corgi pup…. mum and me know now for a year how you really really really wanted one…..

Kaley corgi kisses  : ) — the fun begins when you have a  new corgi kid in the family (and as far as human babies, I have a brother named Jake who is getting ready to be 2 and still wears diapers, yuck.  Bet Cricket will beat him).

successful housetraining a puppy


  1. Emily and Rosco says:

    Thank you so much! He’s doing better, but I think this will finish it off. thanks again!

  2. puppy Hanya says:

    Hi Cricket,

    Im 6 months old corgi puppy.. sometimes i do have my oopsies but my mommy does not get angry but she will pick me up and take me outside.
    Since a lot of patience is needed. I got puppy trained when i was 4mnths old but still learning to do things outside..
    And having a treat for doing my pee and poo outside encourages me aswell :p love to have treats 😛



  3. Cathy & Rascal says:

    More power to you puppy owners! The older I get the patience I have. My 1st Corgi I got as a pup. Potty training was a challenge! One of the reasons we decided to not get another puppy. Good luck!

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