How to make a cool elevated dog feeder

Long agility weekend,even if it was only 2 days running and six runs… not too many pics but hope to tell you all about it on tuesday….hehee, i need to sleep in today!  However, here is something to work on or think about…… an elevated dog feeder.

Mum sorta wants one for me, so i do not  have to lean over to drink or eat.  Since i am not a long legged pup, i do not need a feeder/water station that is too tall.  Mum found this idea on the internet, an idea from Julia Custer Norris [she made it for her pup] and i thought to pass it on to everyone.   Actually found this on the coolest site, of Johann the dog,  How to Raise a Green dog [hmm, not sure i want to really be green my red hair…..fur, but to be good for the environment is good green]

Cool to pass on good tips, so here is a cool one


dog feeder/water station, made from a vintage wine box

It’s made from a wine box..and mum sorta collects them, but she uses them to make her tetra bookcase…… hehe, if she ends up with too many, i know she has the basis of a dog feeder, water station……it is soo cool looking.

Being elevated is a good thing too, so i do not have to lean over so far and it is better for my neck and back…bad enough i have to eat on the floor for most of my meals!


hey, this a little toooo elevated …need hi chair now!


food elevated, but not sure this is gonna work if i have to stand on only two legs!


elevated feeding,  hotel style….off the floor and on the bed! [i think this happened so i could eat in peace, and not have kid baby jake after me…this is what i call, fast food…i have to eat fast!IMG_0138

another version of elevated feeding…the food comes right up to my mouth….mum and kid jake self feeding method…i am sooo royal!

Well, anyways,  if you really want to make your pup happy , make a cool feeder that is not human powered and you can have it for every meal time…..

kaley corgi kisses  !!! —green dog i am!

full instructions here

more green dog ideas from johann the pup


  1. Love the dog feeder – I adored it immediately when I saw the DIY project on Design*Sponge.
    P.S. Cute pup, too!

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